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Income Planning

The number one fear of today’s retirees is the fear of running out of income in retirement. The processes we have developed at Martini Financial Services can greatly reduce the anxiety our clients feel about retirement income because we use strategies that can produce income that is designed to last a lifetime. But our approach to income planning requires looking at your retirement differently than many financial professionals do. We like to talk about income planning in terms of climbing and descending a mountain.

When climbing a mountain, sure footing and a strong grasp on the terrain is essential. Ascending a snowy peak requires a certain set of tools, things like rope, spiked boots and an ice pick. This side of the mountain represents our working years as we save money and strive primarily for growth.

As the slope turns downward the tools that we used to climb the mountain are no longer useful. To descend the mountain we need a new set of tools, so we trade in our ice picks and ropes for skis and ski poles. When retirees attempt to use financial tools designed for growth and accumulation to generate an income, the results can be disastrous.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is famous for saying, “What got you here won’t get you there.” The processes we have developed can help you determine where you are on the income planning mountain and develop a plan to help protect and preserve your retirement savings. Your specific circumstance is unlike that of any other person. We realize this and custom design all our solutions specifically for the needs of each client. When it comes time to distribute retirement income, we’ll show you strategies that can help ensure that your savings can last throughout your retirement years. With appropriate planning, Martini Financial Services can help you attain a more secure quality of life throughout your retirement.